Banana Pudding | 3.5grams


Banana Pudding | 3.5grams

Chemical content
23.1 mg
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Taste: Imagine a scoop of Cherry, Vanilla Gelato combined with a sweet subtle Banana OG, lemon aftertaste.

Scent: Vanilla, Cherry, Banana, Lemon

Feel: Dial it up or dial it down with our banana pudding

Terpenes Profile
Limonene - 0.8014%
Myrcene - 0.5096%
Linalool - 0.4242%
Caryophyllene - 0.2325%
Nerolidol - 0.186%

About Waferz

Waferz is a California-based lifestyle and wellness brand that caters to various needs and occasions. With an extensive range of products in the wellness, cannabis, and hemp sectors, the brand ensures there's something for everyone.

Being rooted in California, Waferz embodies the vibrant and progressive lifestyle of the region, understanding the importance of well-being in modern living. The brand has curated a thoughtfully designed collection of wellness products to enhance overall health and vitality. Whether individuals seek relaxation, rejuvenation, or an energy boost, Waferz offers diverse options to meet their needs.

Waferz is also recognized for its expertise in the cannabis and hemp space. The brand's commitment to excellence shines through in its premium selection of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and vape pens. By prioritizing potency, flavor, and overall satisfaction, Waferz ensures that canna lovers can access exceptional choices.

Waferz provides a holistic approach that caters to a wide range of preferences and requirements. Embracing the Waferz lifestyle means embracing a well-rounded and fulfilling existence enriched by the essence of California.

Product Types Offered

Waferz Ultra Premium Cannabis Flower Pre-roll: Neapolitan 1g

Immerse yourself in the creamy essence accompanied by subtle notes of blueberry and citrus that'll create a captivating and multi-dimensional experience. It's ideal if you want a balanced high with a burst of energy. With its delectable taste and sweet sugary scent, this pre-roll guarantees a truly satisfying and refreshing cannabis journey.

Waferz Ultra Premium Cannabis Flower Pre-roll: Mint 1g

Enjoy the initial earthy hints of coffee and cookies, perfectly complemented by the robust mint flavor, all wrapped up in a gassy aroma. Mint Waferz provides a soothing, lightly sedative effect that comes with a brief yet resonant escape from daily errands and stress. This pre-roll is a must if a strong high and relaxation is what you're looking for.

Waferz Ultra Premium Cannabis Flower Pre-roll: Oreo 1g

This Indica-dominant hybrid pre-roll relaxes the body while enhancing focus, offering the best of both worlds. With its cookies and cream milkshake taste and a delightful scent reminiscent of double-stuffed Oreos and sweet vanilla gas, this pre-roll provides the goodness of cannabis and its many benefits.

Waferz Ultra Premium Cannabis Flower Pre-roll: Original 1g

With its unique and gassy flavor profile and hints of Girl Scout Cookies and bold berry notes, this pre-roll is a whirlwind of captivating flavors and aromas. Experience a body high that allows optimal daily function while enjoying a refreshing boost to your creative flow.

Waferz Lites Sungrown Flower: High Society

This strain results from the genetic pairing of High Octane OG and Biscotti and offers a unique terpene profile that combines the spicy flavors of sweet cookies with a touch of old-school gas. The piney aroma with notes of earthiness provides a strong and calming Indica experience that sparks a euphoric shift in creative thinking.

Waferz Lites Sungrown Flower: Marshmallow OG

An irresistible strain that tantalizes the taste buds with its buttery vanilla flavor, intertwined with delightful notes of fruit and pine. Get ready for a soothing and powerful experience, and let the Marshmallow OG envelop you in its gentle embrace, melting away stress and leaving you in a state of serene bliss.

Waferz Lites Sungrown Flower: Tropical Cherry

This Sativa-dominant hybrid delights the palate with sweet gas undertones and cherry-like flavors. You can expect a balanced high that will have you laughing for hours, making it an ideal choice for a euphoric and uplifting experience.

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