Chocolate Ganache Macarons | 30mg


Chocolate Ganache Macarons | 30mg

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Hervé chocolate ganache macarons contain 10mg of Sativa Hybrid premium distillate per macaron. Each macaron is hand-made, gluten-free, low in sodium & sugar, and dusted with real 23k Gold.

Hervé macarons can be stored frozen for up to a year but can also be de-thawed and re-frozen without harming the product what-so-ever so no worries about taking them out of the freezer and putting them back in a few hours or even a few days later!!!

Founded in the classic art of pâtisserie creation, Hervé produces exquisite desserts, macarons and chocolates that combine contemporary design with spectacular flavors.

Hervé proudly blends together decades of traditional French culinary history with an innovative infusion process, to launch the first intricately infused luxury desserts.

A collection of luxury sweets for the modern discerning consumer of infused edibles.

About Hervé

Luxury, French infused cannabis edibles. Launched in 2020, Hervé is a collection of cannabis-infused edibles that blend French culinary tradition with innovative infusion processes. These edibles are made by hand using some of the world’s finest ingredients. Starting from pastries, Hervé has expanded to a full catalog of vegan and gluten-free edible options that merge great taste with fast-acting potency.

Product Types Offered

Hervé Edibles: Each decadent macaron contains 10mg of cannabis sourced from sativa-leaning hybrid distillates. Gluten-free and delicious, never sacrifice flavor for potency. The Mirage line also features tasty gummies with fast-acting onset, perfect for enjoying on the go.

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