Cloud Berry All-in-One Vaporizer | 0.25grams


Cloud Berry All-in-One Vaporizer | 0.25grams

Chemical content
5.5 mg
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LEUNE's All-in-One vaporizer is a disposable pen that comes ready to hit so you can enjoy the hazy, relaxing pleasures of the Cloud Berry strain with ease. 

Cloud Berry is an indica-heavy hybrid with strong berry flavor notes and with a hint of spicy lemon. It offers a relaxing body high that mellows and sedates in equal measure. 

Flavor and Aroma: Berry, Spicy, Lemon

Reported Effects: Relaxed, Calming, Sleepy

About Leune

Leune was founded by Nidhi Lucky Handa, who wanted to see a cannabis lifestyle brand that catered to a broader, more conscious coalition of consumers. “Designed for the 3.0 cannabis consumer,” Leune’s product line of small-batch flower, individually-packaged pre-rolls, all-in-one vaporizers, and THC gummies represents a focus on “purpose-driven plant products” that invite seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

Product Types Offered

LEUNE FLOWER: ⅛ and ¼ oz containers small-batch cannabis flower available in six different LEUNE-iverse flavors. 

LEUNE MIXED LIGHT FLOWER: 1g small-bud and ⅛ oz. containers of “mixed light” flower grown in a combination of natural light and eco-friendly lighting sources. 

LEUNE PRE-ROLLS: Individually rolled and packaged 0.6g joints. 

LEUNE HASH-INFUSED PRE-ROLLS: Tin of two (2) joints containing a blend of fresh flower and single-source ice water hash. 

LEUNE ALL-IN-ONE VAPORIZERS: Ready-to-use disposable vape pens, also available in a live-resin formulation. 

LEUNE PAX ERA PODS: Powerful vape pods compatible only with the PAX Era device. 

LEUNE GEM DROPS: 2.5 and 5mg THC gummies infused with respective boosts of helpful vitamins. 

Every Leune product line comes in six “flavors” that make up a targeted spectrum of effect profiles known as the LEUNE-iverse:

  • Naked
  • Cloud Berry
  • Sol Berry
  • Desert Gold
  • Piña Dream
  • Calibre

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License Verification

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