Private Reserve: FMF Wildberry Pie | 7grams


Private Reserve: FMF Wildberry Pie | 7grams

Chemical content
26.0 mg
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Emerald Cup Winner by Full Moon Farms. Humboldt Family Farms is thrilled to offer their second Private Reserve choice and Emerald Cup winning strain Wild Berry Pie by Full Moon Farms. You will not be disappointed!

Farmer's Notes:
This Emerald Cup winner is a cross of Blueberry Muffin and Northern Berry.  Deep purple color and flavor it's no wonder it's an award winning strain.  

Aroma and Taste: 
Sweet and creamy explosion to your senses with a slight vanilla finish. Your pallet will thank you with every exhale. 

Total Terpenoids: 1.6619% 
Myrcene 8.036 mg/g 
β-Caryophyllene 3.366 mg/g 
Limonene 1.161 mg/g

Terpenes Profile
Myrcene - 0.8036%
Caryophyllene - 0.3366%
Limonene - 0.1161%
Humulene - 0.1007%
Bisabolol - 0.085%

About Humboldt Family Farms

Humboldt Family Farms provides an exceptional cannabis experience for newbie and pro canna lovers. With a focus on chemo diversity, they offer a wide range of cannabis varieties that boast unique aromas, flavors, and effects, owing to the diverse terpenes present in each plant.

They stand out from the crowd due to their unwavering commitment to quality. Their premium cannabis flower is cultivated under natural sunlight, harnessing its power to produce high-quality nugs. By partnering with the finest cannabis farmers in the region, they ensure that canna lovers receive nothing short of the legendary Humboldt experience, renowned for its West Coast roots.

Setting their vape cartridges apart from others, Humboldt Family Farms sources 100% Humboldt Origin cannabis exclusively from family-owned farms. For those seeking convenience, they also offer meticulously crafted pre-rolls that epitomize sustainability and hand-crafted excellence.

Product Types Offered

Humboldt Family Farms The Original Galaxy OG Premium Flower

A cherished Indica-dominant hybrid that has captivated Humboldt families since 1996, this premium weed flower requires advanced techniques and utmost care throughout its growth cycle. With its dominant terpenes like caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, Galaxy OG delivers a powerful aroma of gas and diesel and a blend of fruity and earthy notes. You'll be completely relaxed and chilled out as the terpenes create a perfect balance of calmness.

Humboldt Family Farms FMF Northern Berry Premium Flower

Carefully handpicked by Humboldt Family Farms, this extraordinary Indica-dominant strain exudes abundant Myrcene content that delivers profound sedative effects. Delight in its captivating aroma, characterized by a harmonious fusion of sweet earthiness and the indulgent essence of ripe dark fruits, reminiscent of a delectably caramelized blueberry compote. Prepare for a serene experience that will leave you in a state of deep relaxation.

Humboldt Family Farms FMF Wildberry Pie Premium Flower

Delight in the captivating blend of Blueberry Muffin and Northern Berry that offers a visually stunning deep purple color and an unforgettable flavor profile of sweet and creamy explosion complemented chiefly by a subtle hint of vanilla.

Humboldt Family Farms The Original Galaxy OG Vape Cartridge

With a herbal and piney aroma and a harmonious blend of citrus, this cartridge delivers 100% Humboldt cannabis-derived OG extract. The dominant terpenes, including Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, and Limonene, work together to provide a calming effect and reduce overall stress or anxiety. Whether unwinding, hanging out with friends, or having quality time with your SO, it'll be the perfect companion.

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License Verification

Grassdoor is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Grassdoor partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs. Raw Garden's license number is CDPH-10003156.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to