Live Resin Strawberry Basil Spritz (Single Cans) | 5mg


Live Resin Strawberry Basil Spritz (Single Cans) | 5mg

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This limited edition batch of Artet’s Strawberry Basil Spritz is infused with live resin from some of the finest flower in California. The cannabinoids inside of these cans come from Esensia Gardens' Maracuya: a sativa-dominant strain that’s perfect for nights out, energetic social settings, and sparking creativity. This collaborative “cocktail” combines the berry and farmstand flavors of the original beverage with all of the character and full-spectrum effects of award-winning, sun-grown cannabis. The very first strain-specific spritz is here, and that’s something flower lovers can raise a glass to. The Live Resin Strawberry Basil Spritz is available in 8oz cans and in 4-packs. Each can contains 5mg of live resin THC extracted from Esensia Gardens’ Maracuya flower. 

About Artet

A modern beverage rooted in tradition. Artet is a family-founded company that shares an appreciation for aperitivo and cannabis culture. They dreamed of bottling cannabis into the perfect cocktail, and create Artet: the industry’s first cannabis aperitif. As a part of their mission, the Artet team is committed to donating revenue to support racial equity and social justice nonprofits to help revitalize communities unfairly impacted by the War on Drugs

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Artet Drinks: Artet’s infused cannabis cocktails and drink blends are the perfect cocktail hour or nightcap companion, available in a variety of flavors and varieties.

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