Indica 1/8 Ounce Flower

Mad Cow Cookies

1/8 oz
18.9mg - 23.6mg

Mad Cow Cookies is a new indoor-grown strain in town brought to you by Mad Cow Genetics. They have been grown from a lineage stemming from Grape Pie and Animal Cookies. Mad Cow Cookies flower has a predominantly earthy aroma, marked by notes of hashy sandalwood along with a faint, cheesy tang. A closer inspection reveals a biscuity odor that may be familiar to fans of parent strain Girl Scout Cookies. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking the nugs yields some herbal scents, with hints of mint and pine. When combusted or vaporized, Mad Cow Cookies may burn with a potentially harsh and acrid smoke that can tickle the back of the palate and cause eyes to water. Users may experience some sensory distortion as well as a strong sense of time dilation. This trippy, euphoric mindset can be a great way to explore creative visualization or enhance low-energy activities like grocery shopping and doing the dishes. The Mad Cow Cookies high is mostly characterized as a weighty physical relaxation. Users may detect a dissipation of lingering muscular tension, along with an increased capacity for deep breathing. As time passes or as the dosage is increased, consumers may experience an intractable feeling of couch-lock, while still maintaining a clear mind. More appropriate for nighttime than daytime use, Mad Cow Cookies can work against stubborn instances of insomnia.