Bloom Farms Live Resin 510 Cartridge

Magic Melon


Taste the terpenes with Bloom Farms Refined Live Resin, which is named for the freshness of the plant from which it's made. Magic Melon is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (60/40) created through crossing the infamous Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon, and Mango Sherbet strains. If you love a great fruity flavor and a well-balanced high, then look no further than Magic Melon. This lovely strain brings on the sweet fruity flavors, mixing ripe melon with sweet tropical mango and berries. The aroma takes a turn with a notable punch of diesel to it. The Magic Melon high leans more towards the bright side of things, with full-bodied and energizing effects that are great for a afternoon spent relaxing with friends or hitting the great outdoors. You'll feel lifted with a lightly tingly effect in the back of the brain that fills you with a sense of tranquil satisfaction, pushing out any negative or racing thoughts. A physical energy accompanies this happy lift, getting you moving and keeping you active for hours on end.

Compatible with all 510 threaded batteries and devices

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