Sativa 1/8 Ounce Flower

Purple Jack

1/8 oz

Purple Jack by Source Cannabis is a premium indoor-grown slightly sativa-dominant 60/40 strain that takes the heavy Indica Purple Kush and heavy Sativa Jack Herer, combining them to make bud that will give you a mellow cerebral rush. This strain has a musky, spicy aroma with hints of Skunk, while the flavor is smooth and musky with notes of hash and pine.  If you’re expecting to get thoroughly blasted from a trip with Purple Jack, think again. The effects are super gentle, and while you’ll certainly get to enjoy your fair share of psychoactivity, it won’t be a challenge.  Mentally, this strain brings about a sense of energy that’s easy to enjoy with a euphoric state that’s second to none. Users will feel light and bright while their bodies are anchored down. Sedation is too strong of a word to use, but individuals will notice their muscles start to unwind.  Great for your first time or with instances when you want a bit of a high without being out of your mind. Purple Jack is a strain you’ve got to try at least once.