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Our menu offers a selection of products ranging from ultra-premium exotic flower and legendary strains to all-natural, delicious edibles. These high-quality offerings paired with our weekly deals and discounts makes us the most trusted weed delivery service in California. Join the Grassdoor family and discover just how sweet your sesh can be with premium brands like Stiiizy, Pax, Raw Garden, Wyld, Casacanna and more.

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Discover Long Beach with Grassdoor in Tow

Let the adventures begin in Long Beach

At Grassdoor, we’re proud to offer fast, easy, and safe cannabis delivery to our California communities, and that includes Long Beach. Long Beach is a hub of art, culture, and diversity in Southern California. Long Beach is a city characterized by historic neighborhoods and many opportunities for shopping, dining, and nightlife. We love Long Beach, so while you’re busy planning your day, place an order with Grassdoor and we’ll deliver top-quality cannabis products to you fast.

Long Beach is the seventh most populated city in California, and it’s constantly evolving; just take a look at their relatively new downtown neighborhood. Mostly composed of modern office and apartment buildings, a drive through the city streets reveals a peek at the city’s past through its mid-century architecture and Craftsman-style homes scattered amongst luxe high rises.

Downtown Long Beach is a prime location for most of Long Beach’s major tourist attractions such as the Rainbow Harbor Esplanade. We suggest popping a gummy and biking along the Esplanade to view the scenery and boats docked in the harbor. Or, you could simply choose to sit back, relax, and enjoy the views of the harbor while eating and drinking at one of the many restaurants and bars near the waterfront. In the same area is the Aquarium of the Pacific, one of the largest aquariums in California. It's your chance to see aquatic life up close and learn more about the depths of the ocean and the unique creatures that call this region of the world home.

Long Beach and the arts

Take a stroll through the East Village Arts District. Though this neighborhood is starkly contrasting the modern Downtown Long Beach, this quaint section of this otherwise rapidly modernizing seaside city has withstood the test of time. Stop into one of the many local art galleries, trendy boutiques, and delicious restaurants that this quirky neighborhood is best known for. Slightly southwest of the East Village Arts District is Pine Avenue, a neighborhood that exemplifies the unique blend of past, present, and future found throughout Long Beach. Historic buildings house modern, fine-dining restaurants and local businesses.

While you’re in the area, pay a visit to the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), which happens to be the only museum in the entire United States that is solely dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American art. If museums aren’t your favorite leisurely passtime, head back over to Rainbow Harbor and walk along Shoreline Village. As a popular destination for waterfront shopping, dining, and entertainment, Shoreline Village is an excellent place for visitors to walk around and explore; if you’re lucky, you may even happen to be visiting during one of the many ongoing events and free concerts that take place throughout the year! Pack some pre-rolls before you head out because, in addition to walking, shopping, and dining, Long Beach is packed with tons of other activities so try your luck at parasailing, rent a bike, or going on a harbor cruise all while staying lifted thanks to Grassdoor’s speedy delivery.

At Grassdoor, it’s our mission to offer safe and reliable cannabis delivery to our California communities, from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, San Diego, and beyond. Our delivery areas are always expanding, so be sure to check our site to find out if we can bring our top-quality cannabis selection to you in your area. However you choose to explore our great cities, Grassdoor has arrived to give you the best cannabis delivery experience available in Long Beach.

Weed Delivery Available Across California

From the Redwoods of Northern California to the coast of Orange County, Grassdoor delivers across the Golden State. We’re excited to serve the greater Los Angeles area and Long Beach, and we’re proud of our hassle-free cannabis delivery service that makes accessing the best quality cannabis safe and easy. Grassdoor delivers weed near you in Long Beach, North Hollywood, Universal City, and the greater San Fernando Valley. Wherever you are in California, Grassdoor is here to deliver top-quality weed near you.

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