Weed Delivery in Pasadena, CA

Weed Delivery in Pasadena, CA

Pasadena's most trusted cannabis delivery service

People in Pasadena have ditched the dispensary! Because Grassdoor makes their life so much easier as our cannabis delivery service in Pasadena is convenient, reliable, and fast. Simply enter your order on the Grassdoor website or app, and have it delivered ASAP, or schedule it for later in the week. Thanks to Grassdoor, Pasadenans now have more time to get out and enjoy their city instead of standing in line at the dispensary.

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Simply check out Grassdoor and explore our extensive, reasonably priced cannabis menu of over 1000+ weed products that can be delivered straight to you!

We have all of California’s top brands like Wyld, Select, and Pacific Stone. Whether you’re looking for flower, wax, edibles, or even just need a lighter and a pipe delivered quickly in Pasadena, Grassdoor’s got you covered.

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The team at Grassdoor has carefully selected only the highest quality cannabis products to display in our curated delivery menu. You can rest assured that our weed products are safe, effective, and pure, at the best prices available.

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Need to replenish your stash? Do it the Grassdoor way! Ain’t nobody got time to fight L.A. traffic, find a parking spot, and wait in the queue at the dispensary to get their favorite weed products.

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Whether you’re at home or work, you can stay right where you are and easily order from the Grassdoor website or app. Then just sit back and relax while we fulfill your order and bring it right to you, fast!

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Pasadena is Paradise When You Bring Grassdoor Along

Pasadena: The city of roses

Pasadena, California is popularly known as the home of the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade. The land where Pasadena is located has rich indigenous and Spanish roots. Once divided between three different Mexican ranchos, Pasadena’s terrain later became the settlements of Indiana Colony and Wilson’s Lake Vineyard. Eventually, these two developments merged and Pasadena was incorporated as one of the first cities in L.A. County in 1886.

Today, Pasadena is an educational, scientific, and cultural hub. It is the home of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine, the Norton Simon Museum, and the Gamble House, whose ultimate bungalow architecture has earned its recognition as a California Historical Artifact. Located just 11 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena is the most populous city in the San Gabriel Valley.

Weed culture in Pasadena

Every rose has its thorn and until very recently, weed dispensaries were banned in Pasadena! When California legalized cannabis in 2016, Pasadena said no to putting the kibosh on any cannabis businesses in town. But in 2018, they finally compromised and agreed to grant licenses to 6 dispensaries, 4 cultivation centers, and 4 testing labs.

A few popular Pasadena dispensaries are

Essence Cannabis Dispensary Pasadena

908 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

Pasadena Herbal Club Cannabis Dispensary

259 Rosemead Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107


3341 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

But there’s no need to go searching for a dispensary in Pasadena when it's so easy to order home delivery! It may be the City of Roses, but the best flowers in Pasadena are the cannabis buds from Grassdoor. When Pasadenans want the best weed products from the best brands like Casacanna, Humboldt Farms, and STIIIZY, they turn to our curated menu and reasonable prices.

Events in Pasadena

Pasadena is best known for its iconic Tournament of Roses events: the Rose Bowl game and its accompanying parade, which take place every New Year’s Day (but never on Sunday). The Rose Parade features marching bands, equestrians, and epic floral floats that need to be covered in flowers or other natural materials such as leaves or bark. Bring your flower along to make it extra enjoyable.

Then smoke a bowl before the Rose Bowl, always a legendary match between two of the best teams in college football. Rose Bowl Stadium has also been the site of several Super Bowls, Olympic Soccer matches, and the men’s and women’s World Cup.

Food Scene in Pasadena

The Old Pasadena historic shopping district is a favorite destination for Pasadena locals. Once you’re done with your purchases and your edible wears off, stick around for some incredible dining selections. Il Fornaio is known as Pasadena’s best Italian food, complemented by their housemade pasta and bread. Or dive into incredible Southeast Asian cuisine at Bone Kettle.

If you’re looking for a breakfast spot, wake and bake and then head to the Amara Cafe, a cozy spot offering a huge menu of unique Venezuelan brunch favorites like cachapas (corn pancakes) and arepas with a variety of fillings. They’re also open for lunch and dinner.

What The Fact!

Chewing gum tycoon William Wrigley (also the Chicago ballfield namesake) donated his Pasadena home to the Tournament of Roses in 1958 to be used as its headquarters. The Rose Parade starts at Wrigley Mansion each year.

Grassdoor Weed Delivery Across California

Grassdoor can deliver to Pasadena, as well as other cities in the San Gabriel Valley like Claremont, Pomona, or Glendora. Grassdoor can deliver cannabis to you nearly anywhere in California!

The best California cities deserve the best California cannabis. Whether you want edibles, drinks, prerolls, vapes, or anything else cannabis-related, we’ve got it at Grassdoor! And we can deliver it to you anywhere in the Golden State. Plus, our prices are reasonable, and delivery is free on purchases over $75. Shop now.

How Does Ordering From Grassdoor Compare To Ordering From Dispensaries?

You want your weed, but you don’t want to leave the house. We get that, and that’s why we started Grassdoor. Let’s be honest, visiting the dispensary can be a pain in the bud.

At Grassdoor, we have the cannabis selection and prices you want, but no searching for a parking spot, no waiting in lines, and none of the headaches that the dispensary can bring. We just bring your weed to you, wherever you are.

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