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We’ve tested thousands of products and selected only the best to build California’s favorite weed delivery menu. Whether you’re in the mood for premium flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, or an accessory to round out your sesh, we’ve got you covered. Order now to unlock daily deals on over 650 products from your favorite California brands.

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Our menu offers a selection of products ranging from ultra-premium exotic flower and legendary strains to all-natural, delicious edibles. These high-quality offerings paired with our weekly deals and discounts makes us the most trusted weed delivery service in California. Join the Grassdoor family and discover just how sweet your sesh can be with premium brands like Stiiizy, Pax, Raw Garden, Wyld, Casacanna and more.

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By scheduling your delivery for later in the day or next-day, you can plan your sesh ahead of time and save a trip to the dispensary. Or if now is the better time to take your day to new heights, order from our ASAP menu and get your weed as fast as it takes to clean your bong. All you have to do is meet our friendly delivery drivers with your ID for a secure delivery and you’re ready to sesh with Grassdoor.

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We believe shopping for cannabis should be easy, so we designed our menus to make browsing simple. Our checkout process is designed to offer real-time customer service and GPS order tracking so your experience is as smooth as those pre-rolls you just ordered. Install our mobile app to order on-the-go and get your weed delivered by the time you reach home!

Discover Woodland Hills with Grassdoor in Tow

Let the adventures begin in Woodland Hills

In Woodland Hills, you’ll find gorgeous state parks, good eats, and glorious panoramic views. A tucked-away upscale neighborhood on the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley, this region boasts some incredible sights and activities you won’t want to miss. While cruising through to Los Angeles, take a rest stop in Woodland Hills for the afternoon and take it all in.

Woodland Hills is alive with beautifully preserved state parks, a bustling downtown, and lively arts culture that is sure to wow any visitor and makes for no surprise as to why locals love it here. The cherry on top - you can get your order fast through Grassdoor delivery to anywhere in the Woodland Hills area. Grassdoor provides top cannabis brands in 40 minutes or less throughout the Los Angeles region, making your day in SoCal the best it can be!

Located in the Hollywood Hills, east of the Santa Monica Mountains and right off Mulholland Drive, Runyon Canyon Park is one of the most popular hiking spots in all of Los Angeles, often showing itself on multiple publications of “best trails in LA” - and for good reason! Open Monday to Sunday from sunrise to sunset, and dog-lovers can bring along their furry companions no problem, with or without a leash.

With over 130 acres of designated dog park and miles of various trails to conquer, you could easily spend your whole day enjoying the sights and sounds of nature and nature-lovers around you. If you don’t intend to stay long, there’s a quick 1.9-mile loop trail with 500 feet of elevation variation. If you’d like more of a challenge that puts your body to work, try the 2.65-mile trail with an elevation variance of 700 feet. Sound too mild for you? Take your shot at the 3.3-mile hike to the top of the park at 800 feet of elevation. The variety of trails and stunning views over Hollywood makes Runyon Canyon a great destination for all and is likely why you will usually see a fair amount of other outdoorsy types frequenting it.

Culture, Art, and Technology in Woodland Hills

California is a state with an abundance of cultural depth, and the arts are always a highlight of the area. The Greater Conejo Valley contains neighborhoods like Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, and some parts of Calabasas that spill over. With a prime location just 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles and 10 miles north of Malibu, many creatives and movie-industry professionals reside in the area, naturally resulting in a complex creative environment.

Part of the Conejo Valley Art Museum’s mission statement is to focus “on creativity in its many guises, acknowledging that Art and Design are inseparable from the Sciences and from Life itself”. Some exhibits throughout the years have included Prehistoric pottery, Navajo rugs, Ansel Adams photographs, California landscapes of the 1920s, and Guatemalan folk art. Providing a bridge between regional fine artists and the art appreciators of the area, the museum is a vessel for deeper thought, increased awareness of the beauty around us, and cutting-edge ideas. The museum hosts an annual ArtWalk fundraiser the first weekend of June as a two-day fine art and designer craft show, be sure to check it out if you are in town that time of year.

Looking for a truly fully-immersive experience while embracing the area of Woodland Hills? With the mass amounts of innovative creatives in the region, futuristic business ideas have begun to seize their moment. Sandbox VR is a virtual reality center where anyone can drop into and interact with a whole new world. These virtual worlds allow you to become the action by experiencing living life inside a game or movie. Some of their exclusive worlds include Star Trek: Discovery, Curse of Davy Jones, Deadwood Mansion, and Amber Sky 2088. A great experience with friends or family, see what the full body VR hype is about with a group of up to six from Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 11 pm, and Friday to Sunday until midnight.

Feel like you’re at home no matter where you go. Grassdoor delivers same-day to the entire Los Angeles and Orange County region, with new products, top-notch cannabis, and knowledgeable over-the-phone staff. We want you to get your order delivered fast to make the most out of your day, wherever it takes you!

Weed Delivery Available Across California

From the Redwoods of Northern California to the coast of Orange County, Grassdoor delivers across the Golden State. We’re excited to serve the greater Los Angeles area and Oakland, and we’re proud of our hassle-free cannabis delivery service that makes accessing the best quality cannabis safe and easy. Grassdoor delivers weed near you in Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, Universal City, and the greater San Fernando Valley. Wherever you are in California, Grassdoor is here to deliver top quality weed near you.

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