Blue Razz - 100mg Shot | 100mg


Blue Razz - 100mg Shot | 100mg

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100 mg
12.5 mg
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True to its name, The Shot from St. Ides is a 100mg power-house of THC packed in a tasty 4oz beverage. 

About the Brand



An ’80s original, ST IDES has grown over the decades alongside the rise of modern-day hip-hop and shines as a symbol of rebellion and breaking down barriers. ST IDES is 100% tobacco-free and contains the highest quality, most potent flower. Optimal strains make for a consistent, effortless smoking experience, with each blunt packed into a resealable, airtight tin suited for an active lifestyle. ST IDES: for when only the best will do.


Product Types Offered


ST IDES Original Blunts: ST IDES blunts are expertly rolled with 100% tobacco-free hemp paper and provide a smoother, more consistent burn than the average joint.


ST IDES Infused Joints: The diamond and hash-infused joints offer an upgraded pre-roll experience. Very potent flower combines with large amounts of concentrate to reach higher levels of THC than your average pre-roll. The joint is filled in an organic hemp paper cone and sealed in a tube for optimal freshness.


ST IDES Cannabis-Infused Shot: ST IDES in liquid form. These infused shot beverages pack 100 milligrams of THC with a variety of fruity flavors, crafted with clean ingredients and faster-acting than the average edible.

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