Welcome to Grassdoor — the fastest and most reliable online weed delivery service in California. We’ve come a long way in a short time, and we’re thrilled to serve a thriving cannabis community in our own special way.

Our Beginning and Future

Since 2017, Grassdoor founder Zack Ein has been out to make cannabis more accessible to everyone. Combining a career’s worth of tech-platform knowledge with an inside scoop on cannabis retail, Zack discovered early on there was an opportunity to streamline weed delivery as it currently existed in California. So we built a solid tech infrastructure, assembled a nimble fleet of delivery vehicles, and got our own retailer license — all in service of moving fire weed from our door to yours without skipping a beat.


Grassdoor launched officially in August 2019 as the first flower-touching delivery service of its kind.

A Service You Can Trust

We're here because we love the plant. We love to consume it, and we love sharing it with others. Our mission from the beginning was to be the safest, most affordable, and fastest weed delivery service in California. In a few short years, we've also made our name synonymous with seamless customer service and an exceptional product range. It's because we've formulated a system unique to us, changing as we do to keep bringing the bud in record time.

“We’ve tried all that L.A. has to offer, and Grassdoor has time and again proven to be the best of the best cannabis delivery agents in the county and beyond. They’re COVID-safe, they always have our favorite products in stock, they bring our cannabis when we need it, their delivery zone is huge, and they give us coupons.”

-LA Weekly

Our Curated Menu

With over 2 million deliveries under our belt, we've learned a thing or two about serving up the best cannabis California has to offer. Our partnership with over 50 California farms gives us unique access to the most popular cannabis brands and strains, which we bring to you through a streamlined weed delivery service and clean, easy-to-use website. Just look at our menu and the results will speak for themselves.

“Imagine the whole stock of your local dispensary available for delivery at any time; that’s still probably short of what Grassdoor has to offer.”


Our menu has made us the delivery retailer of choice for flower pros, edible obsessives, and dab heads alike. But the dank doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re ordering ahead from our massive catalog or popping in for some quick bud on demand, you’re shopping at a wide range of cannabis products from the brands you know and love. Looking to try something new? The Grassdoor menu is a friendly place to start your journey.

It Takes a Village

Our tight grip on safety, speed, reliability, and availability is no accident. From our newest driver to our most seasoned tech expert, Grassdoor works because we’re a team of cannabis lovers, all working together to deliver a seamless experience you can trust every time.


Expert Selection

It starts with the product, carefully curated by a team of flower experts.

Cannabis Quality

Our retail partners work with the best cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and brands in the California weed industry. Always fresh, always sticky.


All our cannabis delivery drivers are well-trained to deliver your orders safely and sanitarily.


We’ve carefully scaled our operation along the way so our engineers can keep things running smoothly. Our retail partners deliver exactly what’s ordered 100% of the time.

It's All Here

Get your favorite buds and products in about 60 minutes with ASAP or Scheduled for your convenience ordering or plan for same-day/next-day delivery with the Scheduled Menu. It’s all here on Grassdoor.

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