Cosmic Chem Live Resin Sauce | 1gram


Cosmic Chem Live Resin Sauce | 1gram

Chemical content
17.7 mg
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We all want potency without having to sacrifice quality. That's where Moxie MX comes in. The Moxie MX Cosmic Chem vape cart offers the purity and potency of a live resin MX sauce in an easily accessible package. A "convenient dab on the go," the MX vape cart has no additives or artificial flavors, and the Cosmic Chem live resin inside is extracted from flower grown outdoors using sustainable growing practices. 

Flavor and Aroma: Sweet, Spicy, Fruity

Reported Effects: Creative, Energized, Uplifted

About the Brand
MX / Moxie

About MX/Moxie

Quality, natural, reliable, Moxie. A leader in the marijuana industry since 2015, MX/Moxie represents the intersection of cutting-edge extraction technology and the cultural cannabis community. MX/Moxie offers safe, high-quality flower and oil produced by a passionate team of dedicated, experienced professionals. Proud to serve as a global representative of the cannabis industry, MX/Moxie cultivates all flower with organic materials and strives at every step to reduce its ecological footprint.

Product Types Offered

MX/Moxie Concentrates: Moxie’s concentrates are crafted from top-shelf, indoor cannabis flowers. These concentrates come in a variety of textures ready to please the pickiest craft cannabis connoisseurs.

MX/Moxie Flower: Moxie grows its flower all-indoors with the finest, all-organic growing materials and cultivation practices.

MX/Moxie Vape Cartridges: Liquid Moxie vape cartridges offer a portable and discreet alternative to smoking flower. These cartridges are ultra-refined and contain natural terpenes to capture the full-spectrum benefits of the cannabis flower.

MX/Moxie Edibles: Moxie’s infused gummies are crafted with the finest ingredients and precisely-dosed THC.

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