Raw Garden Live Resin 510 Cartridge

Funk N Fire

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Funk N Fire Refined Live Resin 0.5g Cartridge is bred from Leeroy OG and Gorilla Glue #4, creating an Indica-dominant blend.  The type of vapor aroma you get from this strain has a chemical diesel flavor with rich chocolate exhale that tastes slightly of earth. The smell is hefty and pungent with a dank diesel overtone accented by mocha and spices. It can take up to 15 minutes before Funk n Fire effects become apparent. Eventually, users are struck by a disorienting head rush that may be marked by an increased blood pressure around the temples or some reddening of the cheeks. Once these facial sensations die down, consumers are left to bask in a significantly altered state. Thoughts may seem more intense or interconnected than usual, leading to chattiness when Funk N Fire is shared with a group. As the Funk n Fire high wears on, it introduces progressively substantial physical effects. A trickle of relaxation may start to roll down the spine and core, allowing for deep, restorative breathing and help untie any knots of muscular tension. Users who try and exert themselves may begin to feel as if they’re wading through peanut butter. Those who are lounging at home may find themselves melting into their surroundings and wanting to throw on a binge-worthy show with some like-minded friends. Because of its slow decrescendo in energy, the use of this cartridge is advised for consumption beginning in the late afternoon or early evening.

Compatible with all 510 threaded batteries and devices

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