Ready-to-Roll Fatso No. 7 | 14grams


Ready-to-Roll Fatso No. 7 | 14grams

Chemical content
73.2 mg
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Fatso is a hybrid strain and a Union favorite with notable lineage (GMO x Legends OG crossed). This harvest is hitting with earthy and nutty notes and hints of diesel. It's a potent, balanced high with a heavy body relaxation and mind serenity. Prepare for a meditative couple hours before your eyelids become heavy. Kind Op Corp grew these chunky green nugs with orange hairs and a coat of frosty trichomes and turned to ready to roll batch.

Terpenes Profile
Caryophyllene - 0.3934%
Linalool - 0.1674%
Limonene - 0.145%
Humulene - 0.1359%
Bisabolol - 0.0668%

About Union Electric


Union Electric is a cannabis brand that keeps it simple with an airtight focus on “premium flower, fairly priced.” Affordability should not mean sacrificing quality. That’s why Union Electric sources top-notch flower from the best California cultivators to bring customers a quality cannabis experience at a reasonable price point. 


Product Types Offered


UNION ELECTRIC FLOWER: Sourced from California’s top cultivators. 


UNION ELECTRIC READY-TO-ROLL: Convenient blends of premium trim and kief. 


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Where can I get Union Electric flower?

Union Electric products are available through retailers and delivery services in California. 


Where does Union Electric source its flower?

Union Electric keeps it local, working only with top cultivators in the state of California. 


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