Weed Delivery in Milpitas

Weed Delivery in Milpitas

Milpitas' most trusted cannabis delivery service

As California’s top-notch weed delivery service, you can depend on Grassdoor to bring  the best cannabis products in Milpitas. Whether you want the product ASAP or wish to schedule for later, our curated menu of over 1000+ items has premium products from your favorite brands, like Wyld, Wunder, and Casacanna. Check out our daily deals to see which discounted items are available near you.

A world of weed at your fingertips

Download the Grassdoor app to access our full menu of 1000+ products. Search through categories like  flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and accessories, or view products by brands like STIIIZY, Raw Garden, and Kiva.

After you place the order, you can track its location in the app. Once the order is dispatched to a driver, you will be notified by SMS and can follow their progress via the live map.

Open the door to premium weed at a great price

We offer the best prices on California’s highest-quality cannabis products, with hot seasonal/holiday sales and daily deals that are worth checking out for the best bang for your buck.

The daily deals are a rotating menu of discounted products that can include anything from our menu of more than 1000+ cannabis products, including brands like Cann, PAX, and more.

The best cannabis products delivered on your schedule

The full Grassdoor menu is available for scheduled delivery. Place your order, book an available window to receive your delivery and we’ll meet you at your preferred time.

ASAP orders are delivered on the same day and but even though the menu has limited options, we always keep it full of a variety of vapes, flower, prerolls, and other products from popular brands like Bloom Brands, Jelly Cannabis Co, Sublime and more.

Swift weed delivery guaranteed

With an easy-to-read menu, simple ordering process, and fast delivery, Grassdoor is the smartest way to buy weed. You’ll always know when to expect your order, and you will always receive it discreetly and professionally.

If there is a problem with your order or delivery, our customer support team is standing by to solve it for you.

Grassdoor: Your Mates in Milpitas

Milpitas: The city of little corn fields

Located on the South Bay right outside San Jose, Milpitas is one of the suburban cities that make up the Silicon Valley. Milpitas has the highest percentage of tech workers as residents in the entire United States, making tech the top industry here. Numerous computer science, software, and hardware companies have their headquarters in the city. Due to the number of corporate campuses drawing thousands of commuters to work every day, the daytime population of Milpitas is significantly higher than the resident population who rent or own homes in the city.

Before the 1950s semiconductor boom (and the creation of Silicon Valley), Milpitas was made up of independently owned farms. The name of the city is Spanish for “little corn fields,” after Rancho Milpitas, one of the first farms in the area settled by Spanish Californians. When California became an American territory in the 1800s, Milpitas transformed into a popular rest stop for travelers and pioneers heading west to the Bay Area and then welcomed the tech era. Even as industries have come and gone, Milpitas stays true to its agricultural roots as the city of little corn fields.

Weed culture in Milpitas

All commercial cannabis activity, including growing, processing, and selling cannabis in storefront dispensaries, is banned in Milpitas. The city’s cannabis regulations allow limited indoor cultivation of plants for personal use. But if you’re just visiting Milpitas, you probably won’t have time to grow your weed from seed to harvest. The closest dispensary to Milpitas is in San Jose, a twenty-minute drive with decent traffic.

Weed delivery is allowed in Milpitas, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of driving down I-880 every time you want to pick up your weed. Grassdoor can bring the Bay Area’s finest selection of cannabis flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, and more to all regions in Milpitas. Check out the local menu of more than 1000+ products to see what is available for ASAP delivery or scheduled delivery. Our curators source a mix of up-and-coming brands plus statewide favorites like Cann, Humboldt Farms, PAX, and Wyld.

Things to do in Milpitas

The Great Mall of the Bay Area, located in the former Ford Auto factory, is the shopping destination of Milpitas. With 175+ stores, 30+ dining options, and a Century 20 movie theater showing all the latest film releases from Hollywood and Bollywood. The Milpitas Farmers Market is held every Sunday morning year-round at the Great Mall.

If you’re looking for a great California wine experience but don’t want to travel to Napa or Livermore, Milpitas has a great boutique vineyard. Big Dog Vineyard in Milpitas Hills has been producing wine from grape to bottle since 1997. Live music acts typically perform Friday evenings.

Food Scene in Milpitas

The Great Mall has over 30 dining options consisting of some very popular chains. Fast-casual places like Chipotle, Jollibee, and Starbucks can be found here. Sit-down venues include Olive Garden, Kelly’s Cajun Grill, and Outback Steakhouse.

Milpitas has a few notable independent restaurants serving a variety of different ethnic cuisines outside of the mall. La Milpa (Spanish for “corn field”) is a mainstay of the city. The family-owned restaurant serves a menu of classic Mexican dishes, with live mariachi music on the weekends. Kalesa has an extensive lineup of Filipino foods, including a breakfast menu. One of the city’s most highly-rated restaurants is the Malaysian-Thai Banana Leaf, which also serves cocktails.

What The Fact!

Milpitas is home to the Great Mall of the Bay Area, the largest enclosed shopping mall in the entire Bay Area. The mall occupies the former Ford San Jose Assembly Plant.

Grassdoor Weed Delivery Across California

Grassdoor operates across the Golden State, proudly serving Californians & visitors the best cannabis legally available. From San Diego to Sacramento, we bring you the best brands on the West Coast, because the west is the best, and you know it. With our huge coverage area and massive stock of top cannabis products, we’re the obvious choice for trustworthy weed delivery in California.

How Does Ordering From Grassdoor Compare To Ordering From Dispensaries?

When you order weed from a local dispensary, you will rarely get to know where your order at, or how long it will take to receive it. When you order from Grassdoor, your order is tracked every step of the way. You will always be updated on its location and your driver’s info. No guesswork, no anxiously waiting, just relax and it will be delivered in no time.