Be Still | Lavender (Indica) Infused | 1gram


Be Still | Lavender (Indica) Infused | 1gram

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"This summer, Drew Martin launched a capsule collection of single origin, strain specific, hash infused pre-rolls with curated botanical pairings.


The pre-roll will highlight the cultivar Team Cream grown by Tina Gordon of Moonmade Farms and feature a cold-water hash made by Nasha Extracts.


The inspiration for this project came from Drew’s travels throughout Morocco as well as his relationship with the community of incredible cultivators and extractors of California’s Emerald Triangle.


While exploring Northern Africa, he met a family that had been making hash in the hillsides of Morocco for generations. The matriarch of the family showed him the process and they spent an afternoon preparing a batch of hash using traditional methods.


“I have always loved the culture of blending hash with other smoking herbs. But getting to learn this ancient practice up close gave me a whole new appreciation for the heritage of this special extract,” said Martin.


Drew found partners in the heart of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle who shared a similar commitment to craft. At Moonmade Farms in the mountains of Southern Humboldt County, cultivator Tina Gordon uses fully regenerative practices and lunar farming techniques that maximize the plant’s natural terpene profiles. Tina introduced Drew to her collaborators at Nasha, also in Humboldt County, who create hash through natural methods that utilize resin-rich cannabis, pure mountain water, and ice."

About Drew Martin

Here’s introducing a brand that embraces adventure and cultivates connections through a thoughtfully blended mix of sun-grown cannabis with diverse flavors of botanicals from around the world. Drew Martin fearlessly creates captivating pairings that excite the senses. These aromatic explorations result in pre-rolls that embody a harmonious fusion of nature's finest ingredients.

At the brand's heart lies a belief in enjoying life's pleasures with cherished companions. Whether reconnecting with long-lost friends or embarking on everyday adventures, the pre-rolls are carefully crafted with primo ingredients to enhance moments of connection and relaxation.

The brand takes immense pride in its Californian sun-grown cannabis, cultivated on a small family farm in Mendocino County. Grown organically and hand-harvested, only whole buds bathed in natural sunlight find their way into Drew Martin’s cannabis products.

Drew Martin, an herbalist, James Beard award-winning mixologist, and passionate wanderer, leads the brand. Inspired by personal experiences and the profound connections fostered through the ritual of rolling and smoking cannabis, Drew is dedicated to reviving this sense of togetherness in the modern cannabis culture.

Product Types Offered

Drew Martin Be Open Hash-Infused Pre-rolls: Rose Petal & Peppermint 2pk

Drew Martin's botanically blended rose petals and peppermint hybrid pre-rolls keep you present and engaged. Indulge in the sweet and herbal aroma of rose petals and peppermint. Experience the uplifting and balanced effects of this sun-grown, pesticide-free blend, designed to enhance social connections and create lasting memories. Embrace the good times and let these Drew Martin pre-rolls accompany you on that next adventure. You can also opt for mini .5g pre-rolls for a smaller dose.

Drew Martin Be Still Hash-Infused Pre-rolls: Lavender & Passionflower 2pk

The soothing scent of lavender, Indica cultivar, and restful botanicals takes you on a journey of euphoria and relaxation. Crafted by award-winning mixologist and herbalist Drew Martin, this blend combines the power of cannabis distillate, cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanicals to enhance the experience and elevate the cannabinoid content. With robust lavender notes and a touch of sweet grassiness from passionflower, this floral and woody pre-roll offers a breath of fresh mountain air.

Drew Martin Be Bright Hash-Infused Pre-rolls: Ginger Root, Lemon & Damiana 2pk

Like the refreshing mist after a tropical rain, the sensory delight of the pre-rolls combines spicy and fresh notes of ginger with a tangy twist of lemon balm, complemented by the sultry essence of damiana. An exotic and boldly distinctive flavor that invigorates the senses is promised with every toke. Carrying a Sativa-dominant genetic profile means the pre-rolls will lift your spirit and carry you away to cloud 9. Embrace ginger's warmth and energy while the lemon and herbal undertones add a zesty and refreshing touch.

License Verification

Grassdoor is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Grassdoor partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs. Drew Martin’s license number is C12-0000030-LIC.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to