Golden Milk 100mg - Live Resin Beverage Enhancer | 100mg


Golden Milk 100mg - Live Resin Beverage Enhancer | 100mg

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ALT's 100mg Golden Milk Drinkable Live Resin is crafted from the Papaya strain and captures the Myrcene (Relaxation), Alpha-Pinene (Focus), and Beta-Caryophyllene (Stress-Relief) terpenes that make this strain so popular. Using nanotechnology, ALT brings the Papaya strain into liquid form mixing in a delicious cinnamon, turmeric, and cardamom flavor profile with effects that will blow your mind. ALT's Golden Milk is perfect on its own or mixing with coffees, teas, milk, or milk alternatives. Portable and discreet, you can enjoy ALT pretty much anywhere. Sip. Shoot. Mix. Share

Onset and Serving:
Effects can be felt in as little as 5-15 minutes. The cap on each vial measures out specifically to 10mg per serving. We recommend new users start off with one (1) cap full and increase dosage as needed. The beauty of ALT’s fast-acting technology and precision dosing vial is that you can easily increase your dose until you find your perfect euphoria. 

Uplifting, Functional, Focus, Euphoric

About ALT

ALT revolutionizes how you experience cannabis and is at the forefront of combining nature and science to create premium cannabis beverages that enhance your well-being. Its liquid-compatible technology allows for rapid absorption and improved effects. By utilizing nanotechnology, they have significantly reduced the particle size of cannabis, leading to faster and more efficient absorption by the body. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to quicker results.

They understand the convenience and precise dosing of cannabis, so ALT created micro-dosed, multi-serve vials. No need for lighters or charging devices—just pour and enjoy. ALT vials are meticulously crafted with durability in mind so they can withstand the demands of everyday use. With their compactness, you can effortlessly slip them into your pocket.

ALT places a strong emphasis on sourcing and utilizing top-tier ingredients. From pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil to distilled water, plant-based stabilizers to vitamins, and natural flavors, together, it creates a truly exceptional experience. You can trust that you're consuming a sugar-free, calorie-free, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and vegan product. They cater to various dietary preferences and needs, ensuring that ALT fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Discover the buzz surrounding ALT with their THC beverage enhancers and drinkable live resin to experience the next level of cannabis innovation. Try ALT today and unlock a new way to enjoy cannabis without compromising quality or convenience.

Product Types Offered

ALT THC Beverage Enhancer: Papaya Liquid Live Resin (Single) 10mg

Indulge in the extraordinary beverage enhancer that harnesses the essence of the beloved Papaya strain and expertly combines Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, and Beta-Caryophyllene terpenes. Using cutting-edge nanotechnology, ALT presents Papaya in a delightful liquid form and boasts a terpene-rich flavor profile that will captivate you. With an onset time of 5 to 15 minutes and a lasting effect of 3 to 4 hours, you'll feel the heady high that comes with a surge of motivation and heightened focus. And if you plan to throw a party, Papaya Liquid Live Resin (5-Pack) will do the deed.

ALT Live Resin Beverage Enhancer: Golden Milk 100mg

Experience the incredible THC beverage enhancer crafted from the renowned Papaya strain. This product captures the sought-after terpenes, including Myrcene for a calm mind, Alpha-Pinene for focus, and Beta-Caryophyllene as a stress buster. Through innovative nanotechnology, ALT transforms Papaya into a liquid form, infusing it with delightful cinnamon, turmeric, and cardamom flavors. ALT's Golden Milk is the perfect addition to your favorite coffees, teas, or milk that will leave you feeling high and happy.

ALT Live Resin Beverage Enhancer: Lemon Lime 250mg

Immerse yourself in the captivating effects of the renowned Strawberry Mimosa strain with Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, and Beta-Caryophyllene coming together. You'll be on a euphoric journey as you savor the delicious lemon-lime flavor that will awaken your taste buds. With ALT's fast-acting technology, expect a swift onset of effects, sweeping you into a blissful state of mind. The beauty of ALT's Lemon Lime enhancer can be enjoyed on its own or as a delightful addition to your favorite beverages.

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