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About THC-Infused Drinks

You read that right, you can drink weed. THC- infused drinks, also known as “cannabis drinks” or “weed beverages”, are quickly becoming a fan favorite in the community as they are a safe, easy, and tasty way to consume cannabis. THC drinks are available in a variety of beverages, are discreet to use, and can be found wherever cannabis is legal for purchase.

Background and History

Humans have been documented as using cannabis for thousands of years, including consumption via beverage. The first drink made from the marijuana plant was Bhang, a mixture of pulverized cannabis, milk, and spices dating back to 1,000 BC in India. Bhang was known to be used as an anesthetic, sleep aid, anti-phlegmatic, and for increasing appetite.

More recent THC-infused firsts for beverages are in the 21st century, such as the non-alcoholic beers by Cannabiniers. The California-based company launched its line of THC and CBD weed brews in July 2018 and merely months after the beer brand Lagunitas released a similar line of cannabis sparkling drinks.

Prefer the taste of wine to hops? In Spring 2019, Rebel Coast Winery created the first THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc, containing 20mg of THC in every bottle - making for a gentle 5mg serving per glass. Cheers!

Types of Cannabis Drinks

Where there’s a weed, there’s a way. Rather, where there’s a liquid, weed can be added to it. Since all you need is a fatty beverage or one with a recipe that calls for simple syrup or alcohol, the possibilities for infusing beverages are virtually endless!

If you’re a fan of earthy tones and sticking with the basics, you might enjoy a cannabis tea blend strained with whole marijuana leaves, and you could even spice it up further by adding some THC-infused honey as a sweetener. Need a little more caffeine? Cannabis coffee is fast on its way to popularity as it delivers a perfect balance between clear-headed energy without any subsequent anxiety.

Fizz-lovers have their own THC-infused drinkables, with cannabis kombuchas, sodas, and tonics available on the market, coming in a variety of fruity and classic flavors. Milkshakes, smoothies, and juices can all be found with their equally-delicious THC-infused counterparts in states where buying cannabis is legal. Lastly, THC binds very easily with alcohol, and weed libations are one of the biggest sellers of THC-infused beverages out there. With beer, wine, and cocktails with any liquor — since you can add THC to just about any drink, the hardest decision you have to make is between sampling singles and buying a six-pack.

Benefits of Cannabis Drinks

All the benefits of other cannabis products can be found in THC-infused beverages as well. They serve as a great alternative to alcohol to get that buzz after a long day, feel more comfortable and excited in social situations, and not only will you remember the entire evening.

THC-infused drinks are also a solid option for first-time users or those with a lower tolerance, as the dosage of weed beverages is usually around 5-10mg THC per serving. These drinks can help with pain relief, act as a sleep aid, reduce inflammation, and enhance your mood!

Likewise, drinking weed has been shown to be more gentle on a person's body long-term compared to smoking which can lead to lung complications with asthma, shortness of breath, etc. Many THC beverage consumers appreciate that a drink is fairly discreet and that the high hits faster than eating edibles.

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