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About Cannabis Flower

Arguably the most tried, true, and beloved method of cannabis consumption is smoking flower. A method that for some serves as a ritual, the treat of puffing on a joint is as iconic as it is enjoyable. The cannabis flower is loved, there’s no denying it, especially when it brings us all back to the roots of where it all started.

Weed Flower, Culture, & Usage

Flower has been used by humans throughout the world for centuries, and for varying purposes. Cannabis is a plant that can thrive in many environments, including dry, subtropical, continental, and temperate regions. As with many other flowering plants, once the cannabis plant hits maturation and blooms, the buds of that bloom begin to form in densely packed clusters towards the top. The clusters are then harvested at their peak floral stage, the excess is trimmed off, and you have yourself a perfectly smokable flower.

Grinding up and smoking weed flower has remained the most broadly used consumption of the plant, and to this day serves as a favorite classic method of experiencing the effects of marijuana. Over the years following the legalization of cannabis products, scientists and botanists alike have played with the potential of the weed flower. Extracts and cannabis concentrates are some of the industry’s biggest sellers and come in the form of cannabis rosin, hash, kief, tinctures, resin, oils, wax or “dabs”, and distillates to name a few.

The influence of the best weed flower in our culture has taken place throughout well-loved songs, characters, films, and everyday people. Take note next time you’re watching a rap or hip-hop music video - they aren’t smoking dabs or oil pens. Likewise, while some of these movie characters have been represented as hippies or beatniks in the past, with the progression of cannabis legalization more of the faces we see toking up on the silver screen are no less complex or abstract than the protagonist, and their consumption is no longer the epicenter of their identity.

Benefits of Cannabis Flower

Smoking flower is among the simplest ways to consume and reap the benefits of the plant. Cannabis accessories for this method such as lighters, joint papers, and glassware are accessible to anyone of age in their respective state. Likewise, the effects of consuming flower are fairly fast-acting, usually taking anywhere from five to ten minutes to fully feel the effects. This makes it helpful for dosing, as you can both see and feel exactly how much you are consuming.

How To Use Cannabis Flower?

Flower is a very approachable, albeit sometimes sticky method of cannabis consumption. Historically, humans have smoked weed flower through glass or wood apparatuses like pipes and hookah. Rolling your flower into a paper joint is another great way to consume your cannabis, but both methods require grinding your flower. Be it with a metal grinder or your fingers, breaking it down gives all of the flower a chance to burn smoothly, completely, and last longer.

What Are The Different Types of Weed Flower?

Weed flower is broadly classified into three categories: Indica Strain, Sativa Strain, and Hybrid Strain.

Sativa: Sativa strains are known for their energizing and uplifting effects.

Indica: Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sedative effects

Hybrid: Hybrid strains are a mix of Sativa and Indica genetics, and can have a variety of effects depending on their specific genetic makeup.