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About Weed Edibles

Looking for a tasty, effective, inconspicuous way to get high? Might we interest you in some fruity weed gummies, espresso beans, or brownies?

These days weed lovers can take the pick of their favorite treats to feel the effects of cannabis. But how exactly do weed edibles work, and do they actually get you higher than other forms of cannabis consumption? The short answer: yes.

When the body ingests THC through weed edibles rather than inhaling it, the effects produced are vastly different.

History of Weed Edibles

Weed edibles have been around for centuries globally, dating back as far as the 10th century in India with a drink called Bhang. This first edible was made with pulverized cannabis flower, ghee, milk, and spices, and used as a sleep aid and appetite enhancer. In the US, one of the first published cannabis edible recipes is from a 1960s book by Alice B. Tokias, featuring a how-to guide on baking “Hashish Fudge.” It is believed that this is when the weed edible first hit the ground running in American culture and soon after pot brownies were being baked in kitchens across the country. As they say, the rest is history!

How are Cannabis Edibles Made?

Most edibles are made with cannabis-infused butter or oil. A ground flower is added to butter or cooking oil of choice and then heat is added to decarboxylase and activates the cannabinoids. Today, we see edibles as one of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption, particularly among long-time users with higher tolerances or those utilizing the health benefits of cannabis.

Edibles have branched out so far beyond the good old “space cake” as many cannabis brands began seizing the opportunity to deliver high-quality cannabis through a variety of edible options. For just about any food product you can think of there is an existing THC-infused sister product already out there. Likewise, with the use of tinctures, you can add a few droplets of edible liquid THC to any food or beverage you’d like, essentially making an edible out of just about anything!

There are even full-blown restaurants in states where cannabis consumption is fully legal that feature top chefs experimenting with adding weed edible items to the menu. Fine dining establishments are soon going to have your favorite dishes available as vegan, vegetarian, or THC-infused.

Benefits of Weed Edibles

Part of edibles’ popularity is their longevity in the system. Edibles can perpetuate that “high” experience for anywhere from four to eight hours after consumption. Likewise, their high potency can be incredibly beneficial for cannabis users experiencing symptoms of physical pain from injuries or other ailments.

The variability in weed edibles is also a huge plus, as you have an entire menu of food items to choose from at most dispensaries, so you never have to compromise taste or enjoyability of consumption. The option of eating your cannabis can be especially important to those who have sensitive respiratory systems or users who simply prefer not to smoke.

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