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Things are looking up in the California marijuana industry, and not just because getting high has never been easier! is proud to have arrived in Los Angeles where we’re delivering top quality weed safely, reliably and fast. Here’s a breakdown of what that really means:

Quality: Farm fresh flower

Unlike other weed delivery sites that sell lower quality marijuana to cut costs and increase profits, at GRASSDOOR, we pride ourselves on offering only the top flower all year round.

We carefully source the best weed from California’s most attentive farms so that we’re offering you the freshest flower from farms we love. GRASSDOOR sends out its cannabis connoisseurs to scout the state for the season’s best flower. By skipping the branded route, which adds on a label and whacks up the price, GRASSDOOR pioneers the delivery of farm-fresh marijuana. We give you access to excellent marijuana, straight from the source, to your door.

When you see hybrid flower such as Wedding Cake, Strawberry Banana and Gorilla Glue listed on the GRASSDOOR menu, you’ll know you’re getting the state’s freshest flower from a farm that we’re proud to have partnered with. The same standard goes for all of our products, from vapes and cartridges to concentrates. Everything on our menu is sourced from the top providers and listed at competitive prices so that you can get quality weed delivered in your city without breaking the bank.

Quality of product also means quality of service. We’ve designed our online menu to be intuitive and user-friendly. Our menu dynamically adjusts according to what’s in stock, unlike many delivery services that call you up after to cancel or adjust your order. This way, you’re getting the weed delivery you wanted, not the low-rate cannabis stock the other providers are trying to get rid of.

Unlike dispensaries, who offer discounts on low quality flower that’s drying up, we at GRASSDOOR provide a quality experience by sending discounts to regular, return and first-time customers so that ordering quality a weed delivery in LA is as affordable as it should be.

Safe: All of our drivers are trained budtenders

Remember the days when a janky car would pull up, blacked out windows would roll down and a random strain would be hurled your way for a price way above market rate? Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then.

At GRASSDOOR, we train our drivers so that our LA cannabis delivery connects you with someone responsible, professional and informed. Have a question? Our budtenders behind the wheel know all about the top shelf products and flower that we list on our menu.

When you need a marijuana delivery in LA, GRASSDOOR is delighted to connect you with drivers and service representatives who really know what they’re talking about. Need some sleep aid? We’ll guide you towards the right order for an uninterrupted slumber. Looking for something festive? We’ll talk you through our extensive vape and flower selection for a cheeky boost. New to trying cannabis and are looking for a way in? We’ll show you the ins and outs of ordering marijuana in LA so that getting great weed to your door doesn’t mean compromising on the human-to-human experience.

Safety is as a part of GRASSDOOR’s fibre. Not only does this inform how we deliver, but we extend this value to the safety of our products. In contrast to other delivery providers and dispensaries who aren’t always upfront as to where their flower has come from, we know for sure that none of our bud has been sprayed or treated. What you’ll smoke has come straight from the plant.

We background check all of our drivers so that you’ll know for sure the person coming to your door is a cannabis professional you can trust. Unlike other services who provide marijuana delivery in LA, we don’t throw some random person into a car and send them to your house. We make sure that the person we trust with your weed is the person we trust with our company’s reputation.

Reliable: Delivery on time and on point

GRASSDOOR operates above the rest by offering weed delivery in Los Angeles in record time. How do we do it? Our mobilized budtenders are ready around the clock, waiting to deliver excellent cannabis products to your door. When you order, our system connects us with the nearest driver to your location.

Sure, sometimes we’ll be up against some wild unknowns, like forest fires, freeway shutdowns and other surprise traffic that we’re used to in LA, but we’ll never let that be your problem. GRASSDOOR sends all of its customers a tracking link so that you can see exactly where your driver is. If we’re running slightly slower than rocket speed, we’ll text you.

Reliability isn’t just about delivering on time though, it’s about communication throughout the delivery process. We’re delighted to keep you up to date throughout the duration of your marijuana delivery in LA. We also love to receive text, calls or emails from you with your questions, concerns and feedback. At GRASSDOOR, communication with our customers is a two-way process, so you’ll never be left stranded or forced to interface with a robot. We’ll be happy to hear from you at the contact number we’ll provide you once you’ve processed your order.

Finally, reliability means providing a service that you don’t just want to use once, but that you want to return to again and again. GRASSDOOR strives to get deliveries right every time, and to listen to customer feedback both good and bad. We are excited to keep evolving both our menu and our service so that we’re establishing ourselves as the only provider you need to get quality, safe and reliable cannabis delivered in LA, straight to your doorstep.

Curious to know more? Check our out menu at or contact customer services at or give us a call on (818) 647-9322. Find out if we deliver in your area. We’d also be happy to answer any questions you have about our amazing range of products.

First time buyer on Look for a discount code at checkout when you place your cannabis delivery order. We look forward to delivering to your door soon. Billboard in Los Angeles

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